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This is a podcast dedicated to helping you unleash the beast from within so you can fearlessly pursue a life of purpose and passion. From fears, sacrifices and pushing yourself to the limits we bring on an inspiring person or message to hear about their journey to living their life of purpose and passion. Tune in each week to unleash your inner beast and become a path hunter today! Learn more at Instagram
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Sep 29, 2016

Solo Episode with your friend Paul Lam today! 

Lets have a chat and imagine were in a coffee shop having a nice chat on a sunday afternoon. 

We're connecting. 

We're learning together! 

We're growing together! 


Sep 27, 2016

My lovely path hunters I keep saying the same thing but I mean it everytime. I hope you’re living your life with purpose and passion and working hard to move that needle forward in your life. For those of you who are joining for the first time welcome to the path hunters podcast, its a place dedicated to help individuals to unleash their inner beast, to chase their purpose and passion. And for those who are returning again, thank you for taking the time to listen to the podcast, it means alot that you’re taking the time out of your day to listen to the podcast, I want to only provide you with amazing value to propel you forward in your life.

With that being said I have another amazing individual who is a marketing strategist & digital nomad who helps businesses build meaninful communities in the digital space. Author of the upcoming book, Digital Nomad Mindset Erica Blair is a wonderful soul helping other digital nomads grow their business, by building communities and the author of the upcoming book, Digital Nomad Mindset  which im super excited about.

Check out Path for the shownotes 

Sep 22, 2016

Hey Everyone, 

A solo episode today about the power of words, 

Words are very powerful, if you're using disempowering words, such as I can't I won't its too hard, it's impossible. These kinds of statements would stop you from growing it'll leave you in a place you're content with your life and playing small. 

Empowering words such as I'll try, it's not impossible, I can do it, how can I do it? 

Words and statements like this will allow your mind to think of other ways and find a solution. It gets your thinking. 

I hope you guys enjoy this episode, a small snippet before the end of the week. 

I hope you guys have a good one, live life with purpose and passion.

Listen to this episode 

check out the other episodes! 

Sep 20, 2016

Ryan Biddulph – Blogging from Paradise


I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Ryan Biddulph of Ryan has spent the last five years doing something many of us only dream about - he island-hops from one paradise to another and blogs his adventures. His travels have taken him to so many exotic places around the globe, it might be faster to list where he HASN'T been. During our discussion, we chatted about how you can create income from blogging and adapt the things he's learned to create a level of freedom in your life.


What follows are a few powerful points from our chat, but as always, I encourage you to check out the full interview on the website.


1. It’s often at our darkest moments that our path reveals itself.

Eight years ago, Ryan had been fired from his security guard job, where he had been working 18-hour shifts. He had developed incredibly limiting beliefs concerning money and entrepreneurship, and as a result, the stress (and his debt) mounted. He felt abandoned and lost at the time. It was from that dark place that Ryan decided that he couldn’t go back to the standard 9-5, he could no longer bear the thought of leaving his destiny and career in the hands of others.


2. You don’t have to be a genius to begin.

Ryan didn’t even know what blogging was when he began. He knew how to check and his email. The internet was this mysterious “thing” out there that seemed incomprehensible. When is wife told him about blogging and using it as a business, he decided to give it a try. After some initial struggles, Ryan was able to monetize it enough to travel the world, eventually deciding to share his experiences and expertise with others.


3. Be careful what you focus on.

One the reasons Ryan struggled so much in the beginning was that he was focused on getting money. When one is focused on getting, they are less focused on giving. It seems counterintuitive, but people who focus on getting money, usually don’t make very much. When your focus changes to giving value and making real connections with people, you will often receive far more. In the end if we all focus on giving, then we all end up receiving.


4. Your network is your net worth.

Ryan was fortunate if that he had a strong network of friends and family who supported him no matter what he did. It’s important to surround yourself with people who want the best for you, and who trust you to do the right thing, but also those who will occasionally challenge you when you falter, giving that gentle but firm nudge to keep going along your chosen path.


5. Do some housecleaning.

One of the first thing Ryan had to do to create real success with his blogging was to clear out a lot of the limiting beliefs and attitudes he had developed over time. This “letting go” is often far more difficult than we realize, but it’s essential to moving forward and following your path.


6. Follow your passions.

Ryan writes about subjects he’s passionate about. He likes to say “profit to your passions, follow your fun.” Eighty one percent of bloggers never make more than hundred dollars during their entire online career. The reason? They didn’t write about subjects they were passionate about, and as a result, didn’t have the energy to keep going. When looking for a subject to blog about, don’t spend too much time worried about what people will want to read. Focus entirely on subject that you could talk about for DAYS at a time. That kind of passion will create a solid foundation for your blog, a foundation on which you can begin monetization and real success.


7. Be careful of being a Jack-of-all-trades.

Multiple income streams are a great way to increase your monetization opportunities. Along with his blog, Ryan writes eBooks, does freelance writing, guest blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. However, he cautions that you should spend a significant amount of time (3-6 months ideally) on each income stream in order to become very proficient at each. Otherwise, you run the risk of doing a lot of different things, but none of them very well, thereby diluting any benefit you may have gotten.


These ideas give you a taste of our chat. It was uplifting and exciting and I encourage you the head over right now to and listen to my entire interview with Ryan Biddulph.

Sep 15, 2016

Are you being intentional with your purpose and passion? Or are you making up excuses reasons not to chase it?

Solo episode today guys with me, where I explain the difference of being intentional and chasing what you really love or making excuses and not doing anything at all. 

I hope you guys find value from this solo episode, and inspires you to be intentional and chase your purpose and passion. 

I know you can do it, 

I believe you. 

your friend, 

Paul Lam

Sep 13, 2016

Hey guys, 

I wanted to talk about a disgusting word that I would like all of you to toss aside. 

I believe when you're dreaming big, you should take actions today towards that goal, instead telling yourself someday you're going to do it. You have to start today. 



Sep 7, 2016

Hey Path hunters, 

Today's episode is near and dear to me, as  it has helped me over come my past and a harsh breakup. These are the things that I've learnt and I hope it brings you guys some value, and it can be applied to your life as well. 

Let me know how it works for you

you can email me at

I love you guys!

and remember you can become a path hunter today. 

Sep 1, 2016

Could you imagine quitting your job and travelling around the world full time? For many of us, it's a dream of freedom, for others, a nightmare of uncertainty. Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Jules and Christine from Don’t Forget to Move, a resource for adventure travel and responsible tourism.


During our talk, we discussed the pros and cons of the nomadic lifestyle, and the importance of living your life’s purpose.

As always, you can check out the full conversation on the PathHunters website:


Jules and Christine were both graduates of International Studies in college before meeting each other in Peru while volunteering with relief efforts there in early 2012. Their shared love of travel, combined with their passion for non-profit work around the globe sent them on adventures throughout the world, from private Caribbean paradises in the Corn Islands and cruising through Cuba, to volunteering with marginalized women’s groups in Mexico and helping create livelihood programs in Tacloban after typhoon Haiyan.

They use their blog Don’t Forget to Move to advocate for responsible tourism, share their incredible experiences with the world, and show people how they can tap into the benefits of travel, regardless of their finances, physical ability, age or experience. It’s become a treasure trove of information, inspiration and advice on incorporating travel into our everyday lives.


First and foremost, you must be honest with yourself about the kind of lifestyle you want to lead. While travelling the world and seeing new things sounds exciting, it must be balanced with the knowledge of what you’re leaving behind: stability, friends and family, etc.


Indeed, even veteran travellers like Jules and Christine have begun to realize that they must slow down a little, staying in one place for a month or more before moving on. The fact is, the nomadic lifestyle is not suited to everyone. Jules shared a story in which they were in El Salvador, and hadn’t met any travellers for some time. When he called home to speak to his parents, the sound of his father’s voice released a torrent of homesickness he didn’t even know he had possessed, leaving him in tears.


The fact is, most of us simply don’t have the ability or the resources to quit our jobs and become nomads. The good news is you don’t have to.


Travel can be more than just arriving at a destination and buying a few souvenirs. Jules and Christine have incorporated community service into their travels, helping non-profits and aid organizations in areas around the world. Not only does do they get to see beautiful and exotic places and meet people from other cultures, they are also making a positive impact while they do it. They call it responsible tourism.


The idea is to visit and explore a place and its people, and leave it in a better condition than when you found it. This makes travel and vacationing not just relaxing and fun, but personally fulfilling as well.


Being a Path Hunter is all about finding your life’s purpose, the thing that sets your soul on fire and allows you to be the best version of yourself. Responsible tourism is a fantastic way to expand your view of the world, while simultaneously having a positive impact on it.


Whether you decide to become a nomad like Jules and Christine, or just opt for a short adventure in a far away land, remember that your visit has an impact whether you realize it or not. Why not make it a positive one? Who knows, you might just find your calling far from home.


Don’t forget to check out my full conversation with Jules and Christine on the PathHunters website: